The Daily delayed weeks not months and has a leak

These highly touted “daily” iPad magazine sure find themselves in hot water pretty quickly these days. News Corp’s ‘The Daily’ has already been delayed “weeks” because of complications with the new subscription model that they’re working on directly with Apple.

The “original” release date was expected to be Jan. 19th, but has since been pushed back, according to Peter Kafka of All Things Digital.

The Daily also made the rounds yesterday when a “leaked” image of the application made its way onto the internet. Since then, many have been speculating that the application will heavily revolve around images and photographs. Rumor-mongers are basing that assumption on one image that leaked from the application.

It’s pretty clear that the public, and more specifically iPad lovers, are keeping a keen eye on The Daily. Companies are still trying to figure out how to publish digitally on the device, and a lot of the competition have yet to deliver on the hype.

Article Via AppleInsider

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