Concept: Omnifer braille iPad case

Technology is often heralded as a great unifier, making hard tasks easier for those who have difficulty with them. Everyone can benefit from technology, but sadly, a large portion of the population is often overlooked.

Apple goes to great lengths to provide accessibility tools for those who may need them, but sometimes they also may need a little help from their friends — enter the Omnifer.

The Omnifer is a concept case that brings braille to the iPad for those who rely on touch to get by on a daily basis. The case concept is a little more involved than it appears on first glance. The case would interact with the screen to offer up ever-changing braille characters.

While the gas is in its expanded state, the braille dot is raised. When the light source is extinguished, the dot lowers … illuminated dots would be programmed to appear in the designated areas. The app would automatically stream text into braille format to the users fingertips

The case only exists as a concept currently, but I’m all for trying to get this thing turned into a reality.

Source: YankoDesign

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