Comcast Xfinity app to offer TV streaming, remote DVR programming

This week Comcast showed off their new Xfinity iPad application, which allows Comcast subscribers to check TV listings and program their DVRs remotely. Eventually Comcast’s Xfinity will include versions for the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as BlackBerry and other smartphones. They plan to incrementally add more features to the app, including social media integration, enhancing its functionality through updates. At this time, the app can only check listings and schedule recordings on your DVR, but it should gain the video streaming capability by December. From the Comcast press release:

The Xfinity TV app is a TV guide and a mobile video player all in one. It enables customers to change TV channels from the iPad and helps them to search and instantly find what to watch among thousands of choices – including top movies and premium cable shows – on TV, On Demand, online or on the iPad.

“This Xfinity TV app is part of a much larger effort to reinvent the way consumers interact with their televisions by transforming the way they search, navigate, discover and share entertainment,” Neil Smit, Comcast Cable president, said in a statement. “The remote control hasn’t changed in years and this app will enable millions of consumers to instantly search thousands of live TV and On Demand choices and also watch the best content whenever and wherever they want.”

Comcast is not the only cable provider to release an application for iOS. AT&T also has an application to access its U-verse offerings. As a re-imagining of the remote, an easy to use DVR programming device is a step in the right direction. With streaming capabilities, Comcast could eventually be taking eyeballs away from Hulu and Netflix.

Article Via NewsBlaze
Photo Credit: Comcast

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