Charlie Brown, meet the iPad

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! The good folks over at Loud Crow Interactive, the makers of great interactive books like The Night Before Christmas and The Tale of Peter Rabbit for iOS, have taken the well known animated classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and made it into a universal iOS app available now for only $6.99 USD.

As far as features go, you’ll be happy to know that it includes original dialogue from the famous animated special. In fact, it’s narrated by Peter Robbins — the voice of Charlie Brown. Just as important, though, is the soundscape. The iconic music, and charming sound effects take their place alongside the imagery many of us have come to love. Your little one will also get a lot out of the app thanks to the care Long Crow has put into making it interactive. Not only can the kids decorate their own tree, but they’re rewarded with little unlockables for playing with certain interactive parts of the app.

From a teaching aspect, this app, and ones like it, are great tools. Individual words and musical notes can be highlighted to separate them from the rest of the app. Tapping on a word will speak it for your child. It truly warms the heart to see such great technology being used to instill a love of reading. It makes me wish that I could have grown up in the 2010s.

Source: Mashable

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