Cases for the iPad coming out of the wood work, literally.

The iPad has finally been given a green light from Apple on a Pre-Order and launch date.  However, before the dates were even announced by Apple, the makers of sleeves and cases for the still unreleased iPad were coming out of the wood work.  Which leads me to an article I read on 9to5Mac.

Seth Weintraub who writes for 9to5Mac reports on a upcoming wood case by Vers for Apple’s iPad.  Vers is no stranger to making wood cases for all your favorite iDevices, as well as the iPod Hi-Fi.  When I first saw the case I thought that this is just another case, and who in their right mind would use something like this.  I mean could you imagine walking down the street holding this wood cased iPad.  Someone would think that you are holding a picture frame.

That’s when it hit me, a picture frame.  This would look very nice on a coffee table or maybe on a shelf where you place other photos.  With the optional wood prop you can prop it up, and display your photos like a digital photo frame. Disclaimer, I’m not sure if the iPad needs to be docked in the optional dock cradle for the photo slideshow to initiate.  This is something that will be discovered once the iPad is released.

With the disclaimer out of the way, this would make an awesome picture frame.  As with any of Apple’s products they strive to have the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye devices out there.  Vers is no exception.  As I mentioned earlier they have a whole line of beautifully wood crafted cases to accentuate any of your iDevices.

Like the iPad the Wood case is coming soon.  It will sell for $79.99 from Vers site.  If you find this case pleasing to the eye, and are willing to spend $79.99 on an iPad case, then this case is for you.  Personally, I think it is a great case for all the reasons I mentioned.  With that being said, I think I’m going to hold off.  I will be using my iPad for more than displaying photos.

Photo Credit: 9to5Mac

Article Via 9to5Mac

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