Big Numbers for the Wall Street Journal iPad Application

Personally, I wasn’t sure how well the Wall Street Journal subscription would do on the iPad. I’m completely surprised that they received an astounding amount of subscriptions. You have to wonder, will affect the online-only and the print version of the WSJ? Are more people buying this to test it out? Or are they looking for the best alternative?

Currently the paid subscription for the WSJ app is locked at $17.29 per month. The price is more than double that of the online version and almost 6 times more than that of a newspaper delivered to your front step. Obviously, it’s a surprising statistic when you’re analyzing the best option for your future purchase. What’s more surprising is that the app has recorded nearly 3,200 subscriptions in the near month that it’s been active.

It’s now known that nearly 30,000 people downloaded the free version of the application. From their subscription for free, they were offered a deal to switch over to the paid version of the application. Of that 30k, it’s unknown (at this time) how many of them are part of the 3,200 paid subscribers.

While the 3,200 customers will bring in nearly $60,000 700,000 for the year (if they keep their accounts active), you have to wonder how much of a boost the WSJ will get once the app and the iPad is available internationally.

Update: We made a glaring mathematical mistake above. Thanks to all those who pointed it out.

For a more in depth look at what the paid iPad app has to offer, you can check out the YouTube video below:

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