Best Buy Is Re-Launching Its iPad Trade-In Program

A couple of weeks ago Best Buy ran a two day promotion offering customers a $200 minimum gift card towards the purchase of a Retina iPad for those who wanted to trade in their old iPad 2 or third-generation iPad. Well, today Best Buy is re-launching the promotion and this time it’s for longer than two days.

Starting today, July 23rd, until August 3rd, Best Buy will trade you a minimum $200 gift card for your iPad 2 or third-generation iPad. Depending which device you have and the condition it’s in, you could get a gift card for more than $200.

This is the second iPad trade-in program that Best Buy has offered, and the company previously ran a similar trade-in program for the iPhone.  It might be a good time to upgrade to that Retina iPad, especially since we don’t know exactly when the next one will be released. Might as well take advantage of a good deal while it’s offered.

Image Credit: AnandTech

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