Benchmarks for the new iPad are starting to roll in from across the web

Specifications from the new iPad are beginning to roll in from around the globe, the first of which is from Vietnamese based website Tinh.te. The benchmarks have shown that the new iPad (iPad 3) has 1 GB of RAM, and a CPU that runs at the same speed as the iPad 2, despite having a new chip named the A5X.

The new iPad now doubles the RAM spec of the iPhone 4S, which is pretty amazing considering just how snappy the iPhone currently is with only 512 MB of RAM.

For those who are Geekbench inclined, the new iPad clocked in at a score of 756, compared to 760 for the iPad 2. That being said, the latest Geekbench application doesn’t take into account the new graphics processing power available in the A5X. If anything, once the Geekbench application gets updated, we should see a hefty increase in score for the new iPad.

Via: AppleInsider

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