Apple offers schools discounts on 10-Pack iPad Bundles.

Apple computers have always been a staple in education.  I remember when I was a kid we had Apple Computers all throughout my academic career. So, I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Apple is giving discounts to schools who order 10-Pack iPad bundles.

Eric Slivka of is reporting that Apple is only selling the Wi-Fi models, and not the Wi-Fi/3G models, at a discount to educational institutions.  They are selling all three storage capacities, below are the models and prices:

“BF822LL/A: iPad Wi-Fi (16GB) $4,790
BF825LL/A: iPad Wi-Fi (16GB) with AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad – Auto Enroll $5,580
BF823LL/A: iPad Wi-Fi (32GB) $5,790
BF826LL/A: iPad Wi-Fi (32GB) with AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad – Auto Enroll $6,580
BF824LL/A: iPad Wi-Fi (64GB) $6,790
BF827LL/A: iPad Wi-Fi (64GB) with AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad – Auto Enroll $7,580”

The prices above are shown for iPads with and without AppleCare.  If you order the 10-Pack without AppleCare, you’ll receive $20.00 off per iPad.  However, if you order the 10-Pack with AppleCare, you’ll receive $40.00 off per iPad.

Unfortunately, this discount does not extend to students who wish to purchase individual iPads with their student discount.  Those prices are the same as retail.  The prices are as follows – 16GB/$499.00, 32GB/$599.00, and 64GB/$699.00.  It would be beneficial if Apple discounted the iPads for students, however, I am not sure why they are not offering student discounts. goes on to describe the packaging and contents:

“…while also reducing packaging by eliminating separate retail boxing for the devices. Each package contains ten iPads with USB-to-Dock Connector cables and power adapters along with a single set of documentation.”

This is a great offer for any school that is looking to add the iPad to their educational curriculum.  The applications for the iPad in schools are unlimited.  They will have great interactive books, with rich media content, that will only further assist in educating students, and make learning fun.

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