Apple Fourth-Gen iPad Twice As Fast As Previous iPad, Faster Than iPhone 5

Benchmarks have started to come in for Apple’s new fourth-generation iPad showing it to be twice as fast as the third-generation iPad as well as faster than the new iPhone 5.

Geekbench’s testing gave the new fourth-generation iPad’s dual-core A6 processor a score of 1,757 while the previous iPad model’s A5X processor received a score of 791. This confirms and exceeds Apple’s promise that the device would be twice as fast as the previous iPad.

The new iPad is also faster in comparison to the new iPhone 5, which received a score of 1571 for its A6 processor. Tests showed that the amount of RAM in the tablet still remains at 1 GB. You’ll be able to see what benefits come from the speed increase yourself when the new iPad is released this Friday.

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