Apple adding Genius to the iPad App Store

Apple’s finally working on bringing the Genius functionality to the iPad. Currently the feature is present in iTunes and the iPhone App Store, but until now, the program has been absent from the iPad App Store.

I get how Genius is supposed to help people track down similar music in iTunes, but does the same benefit hold true for the iPhone and iPad App Stores? It makes sense for Apple to include the feature because it encourages people to purchase new applications, thereby increasing their revenue, but what benefit is there for users?

I rarely hear people talking about Genius for the iPhone, and since its release in iTunes, only a handful of people that I know actively use it. Sure, it can be a great way to shed light on interesting applications in the App Store, but is there a benefit to having the iPad and iPhone App Stores recommend a third and fourth RSS reader to me? I’m not sold.

Personally, I’d rather have Genius recommend me applications based on what my friends are using, but we’re not there yet, and Apple seems to be lukewarm on the idea of integrating real social features into iTunes.

Do you use Genius functionality on your iPhone? Would you use it on the iPad? Maybe the more appropriate questions is: have you found anything worthwhile while using Genius to find an application? I’d love to know what you think.

Article Via MacStories

Screenshot from AppleInsider

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