7in iPad finished, and looks like a giant iPhone 4?

Either you love the iPad or you don’t. I have to be brutally honest here, and say I’ve met very few people who hate it. It could be the circles I run in, or it could be that I’m just amazing at seeking out content people. Either way, putting an iPad in someone’s hands usually means giant grins.

It takes quite a while for most to notice any major problems with the iPad, but sooner or later a couple of them start wondering how they were meant to hold the device. Two hands or one? If anything, this is the main reason Apple might be making a move to create 7-inch iPads, should the rumours turn out to be true, which we’re still slightly skeptical about. Numerous sites today are reporting that the 7-inch Apple iPad 2 is finished, and suppliers with super huge mouths are saying it looks more like an iPhone 4 than it does an iPad. And, these suppliers are saying that the device will be ready to ship in the second quarter of 2011, which would likely coincide with the traditional January announcement cycle.

If you’re going to take anything away from these rumours, it should be that Apple tends to announce new products in January. Other than that, it’s a bunch of best guesses, and we’re bound to see them ramp up between now and January.

So, where does that leave us? Well, if you round up a bunch of rumours and put them all in one place, we might see in the JesusPad this time around the following:

  • Camera…Check
  • Front Facing Camera…Check
  • Able to hold it in one hand…Check
  • Smaller Audio Jack…Check
  • Retina Display…Check
  • Over the Air Sync…Check

We could go on and on here, but most of the time these rumours are rarely true, so, before you start hurling eggs at us, please don’t shoot the messenger.

Want to know what the best thing about this rumour is?  If Apple’s taken on the iPhone approach to the new iPad, and designed it to have an external antenna, it would be a giant bird-flip to all the antennagate whiners, and bumper cry-asses out there, and that’s something we’d love to see.

Article Via Apple Insider and Cult of Mac and MacRumours

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