3-In-1 Card Lightning Adapter Released For Lightning Equipped iPads

iPhone5Mod has brought a new 3-in-1 card reader to all Lightning equipped iPads. This adapter features USB, MicroSD and SD card slots and can be used for importing photos and videos to your iPad. This product is similar to that of the standard Camera Connection Kit, which Apple offers for $29. The folks at iPhone5Mod have given this accessory a price tag of $23.90, so it’s safe to say you’re better off purchasing one of these over Apple’s official adapter.

While the 3-in-1 adapter doesn’t feature CompactFlash support, it can easily be added with the adapter’s built-in USB port as shown in the photo above. It’s also worth noting that this adapter doesn’t allow you to expand the amount of storage on your iPad; you can only use it to view and import photos from your standalone camera.

This device is currently compatible with both the fourth-generation iPad as well as the iPad mini. At the moment, camera connection kits are not compatible with the iPhone 5 or fifth-generation iPod touch. If you have an older iPad, you can purchase a similar adapter for $6 via Amazon.com.

If you’d like more information on this accessory, feel free to view iPhone5Mod’s promo video, which we’ve posted above.

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