Got $200K? You can buy this iPad 2 on eBay.

We now know that the iPad 2 is a desirable product. The hype surrounding the launch of the device this weekend has confirmed it. eBay seller trejo75 hopes to capitalise on the current lack of iPad 2 models by selling one on eBay for a bargain $199,999.99. The kind seller, from Chicago, IL, is even generous enough to throw in a black Leather Smart Cover and free shipping!

The seller describes it as the most expensive iPad 2 in the world, and it probably is, although we highly doubt it will be sold any time soon. For the price this seller is asking, you could buy 400 individual 16GB Wi-Fi models and have enough change left for a burger.

While the optimism of this particular seller is laughable, a quick eBay search reveals that there are plenty of iPad 2s for sale, with many going for upwards of $1000. I don’t know about you guys, but I would prefer to wait. I don’t doubt that there are people out there willing to pay well over the odds to get their hands on the iPad 2, but seeing these crazy prices on eBay makes me wonder why Apple didn’t adopt a one or two per customer policy, even for the first day of launch. Whilst I’m not against making a quick buck, I feel for the people who saved for weeks in order to line up at the store, only for the person in front to walk out with the last handful to sell online.

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