Sega cuts price of Mega Drive classics as it announces Sonic CD iOS

My, Sega has been busy today. First up is the news announcing a Back to School Sale on the App Store. Realistically this is just another attempt to squeeze more money from gamers, because in reality, those that are aware of the games on sale have long finished school.

Anyway, there’s some classic Mega Drive games (Gunstar Heroes!) available for just 99¢ (69p). The promotion runs out on the 29th August. Here is the full list of discounted games:

  • Golden Axe 2
  • Golden Axe 3
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • Streets of Rage 3
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • ChuChu Rocket! & HD iPad version

Accompanying the above was the bomb-drop that popular Sega CD title, Sonic CD, would be seeing an iOS release. It’s going to be across iDevices, include widescreen graphics, achievements, special unannounced features and whatever else Sega decides to squeeze in.

No news on when it lands or for how much, but retro gamers can be excited that it’s on the way.

Via: Pocket Gamer | TouchArcade
Photo Credit: VTemulation

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