Run Roo Run is stupid amounts of addictive

Run Roo Run is everything you’d expect from a side-scrolling platformer. It’s simple, quick to learn, and bloody addictive. Washington-based developer 5th Cell, the creators of Scribblenauts, just might have given us another instant hit to nom on.

In the game you play as Roo, a mother kangaroo who has lost her joey to a group of poachers, and now she’s bound and determined to make her way across Australia to get him back. Each level is a single screen littered with obstacles that you have to jump over. When the level begins, you start running automatically, so the only control you have to worry about is jumping. As you progress through the 400+ levels, the obstacles become increasingly trickier, with the last 100 levels being ridiculously difficult.

The obstacles in the game are your basic side-scroller classics: vanishing platforms, oil slicks, cannons, spring boards, etc., so there isn’t much of a learning curve for people who’ve played their share of cartoony platformers like this. You might think that a game with single button controls and single screen levels that last two to three seconds would be easy to put down, but with Run Roo Run, it’s the complete opposite. It’s because the game is so easy that it’s impossible to turn away from. And with free new content every week, you’ll be hard pressed to spend your spare time doing anything else.

Overall, Run Roo Run is absolutely worth the download. For $0.99 you get hours of well-designed and simple fun. Go check it out.

Elle is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. The time she doesn't spend writing is often spent photographing her cat.