Rovio Entertainment Announces Amazing Alex, No Birds Involved

Do you like Rovio Entertainment but are getting sick of Angry Birds? Yeah, I know the feeling. And that’s why Rovio has released their latest, non-bird-oriented game for iOS and Android: Amazing Alex. This game is priced at $0.99 for smartphones and $2.99 for tablets and features a whole new storyline. In Amazing Alex, the objective of the game is to complete physics puzzles by moving objects and telling them how to move. Rovio has pledged to release regular free updates for Amazing Alex, much like they do with Angry Birds. At launch, Amazing Alex features 100 unique levels as well as a level builder that allows users to create and share their own puzzles.

Personally, I’m glad that Rovio is switching some of their focus from Angry Birds to other games. And even though I haven’t spent too much time playing Amazing Alex, it seems like a fun game for people of all ages who enjoy simple games.

Amazing Alex is available now in the iTunes App Store. If you would like to purchase the game for yourself, watch the video above to get a feel for the graphics and gameplay. Then hit the links below to be taken to the App Store where you can make the purchase.

Source: BGR

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