New Section On The iOS App Store Highlights Kid-Friendly Apps

Games for kids are almost always terrible, what with free-to-play totles that are little more than shake-down machines and games that barely pass as games. And that may be why Apple took to Twitter to announce a new Games For Kids section on the App Store.

This new App Store section highlights recommended games based on the player’s age group. It’s all part of a move toward creating different curated areas within the store.

I don’t think that this is the curation that people were looking for—I tend to mostly see people complain about search. What I think this does, though, is set a bar for quality that developers can strive for in order to get some attention from Apple. I am not sure if this will improve the dearth of barely-games targeted at kids, as it is obviously a lucrative market. That said, you’ll still find some quality games listed in there: Thomas Was Alone is a great place to start.

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