Fruit Ninja Magazine, Visit The Empire Of Fruitasia

If playing Fruit Ninja doesn’t satisfy all of your fruit slicing needs, perhaps the new Fruit Ninja Magazine will help.

Totally…Fruit Ninja Magazine is a new release in the Totally… series by Titan Magazines. The series partners up with commercial products such as Hollywood movies or games like Fruit Ninja, and then publishes a one-off issue about that product.

Totally…Fruit Ninja is issue #34 in the series, with past issues having highlighted things like Hot Wheels and Madagascar 3.

The magazine will include things like a Fruit Ninja tips section, a game/puzzle section, and a Fruit Ninja comic story. Of all these, the comic is what definitely makes a purchase of this magazine worthwhile, as it is set in the empire of Fruitasia and involves a quest to find “the mystic thing that rhymes with orange.”

While it seems like this magazine is only offered at retailers in the U.K., if you’re a diehard fruit cutting fan, it seems like something that could be worth tracking down online. All that Fruit Ninja back story you’ve been looking for is finally here. Hopefully next up is a fruit slicing, high budget Hollywood movie, starring Morgan Freeman as the Fruit Ninja.

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