Draw Something from OMGPOP is like Pictionary for your iPhone, but way better

It’s been a while since I’ve had a game that was both hilariously fun and one that I could play against my friends. In Draw Something from OMGPOP, I’ve found it. You guys, this game is seriously so much fun I can barely handle it. The best part is that if you have friends who can’t draw unicorns to save their lives, the game becomes even more fun.

It’s basically a game of electronic Pictionary. You can connect with your friends through Facebook or create an account and find your pals with your email address. Once you start a match against your friend, you’re given a choice of three words, all ranging in difficulty, and each worth a specific amount of coins. This is where it gets fun. You have to draw whatever the word is, and then your opponent will have to guess what the word is out of a collection of given letters. Warning, ladies and gentlemen, this game has the potential to get all kinds of “Not Safe For Work.”

Each time you guess your opponent’s drawing correctly, you win the corresponding amount of coins. You can save up your coins to buy different color sets so you can really get into detail with your drawings. If you’re having trouble guessing what the picture is, you have a “bomb” that you can use that blows up a few of the incorrect letters. You can buy additional bombs with your coins, too. Here’s a quick demo me  and our editor, Joshua, playing the game. You’ll have to forgive his poor spelling skills.

Draw Something is based on an older web based Flash game by OMGPOP called Draw My Thing where one person would draw something, while a lobby of people would guess what it is. This is an absolutely perfect mobile version of that. While you can only play a game against one person at a time, you can have multiple games happening at once. And believe me, once you start, you won’t be able to stop. The one and only thing I would like to see OMGPOP add to this game is a picture history, just so I can go back and LOL at that one time I tried to draw Snooki.

Draw Something is currently sitting in the number one position on the App Store’s paid games, and it’s only $0.99. Go download it, and show me what you’ve got.

Elle is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. The time she doesn't spend writing is often spent photographing her cat.