Catapults at the ready, Siegecraft coming October

God it’s difficult to pull yourself away from Jetpack Joyride. Anyway, onto Siegecraft — the latest turret-battler from Crescent Moon Games and Blowfish Studios. No, it’s nothing to do with Blizzard’s Starcraft — rather you control a besieging army. In your way is a heavily dug-in enemy and it’s up to you to break down the walls and claim their city as your own.

At your disposal is a roster of heavy duty medieval firepower — think catapults, gigantic crossbows, rams. All this is strung out over 27 levels across 6 campaigns with universal iPad compatibility (which happens to include hot-seat multiplayer, perfect for long car journeys). Throw in three unique races to play and you’ve got a promising fantasy strategy title.

But perhaps the most striking thing about Siegecraft is just how good it looks for an iOS game. Take a gander at the teaser trailer below. Words don’t do it justice. Gorgeous and due out in October. We can’t wait.

Via: TouchArcade
Image Credit: Danomatic

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