Bungie Aerospace releases Crimson: Steam Pirates on iPad for free

Bungie Aerospace has brought its first iOS project to the iPad: A steampunk-themed pirate game called Crimson: Steam Pirates that’s absolutely and 100% free. Command a steampunky fleet in a turn-based game featuring all sorts of steampunky goodies like lightning guns, zeppelins and submarines. Here’s a bit from the App store about what C:SP has to offer:

• 8 voyages that begin the tale of Thomas Blood’s adventures in the Caribbean
• 2 “Pass-and-Play” multiplayer scenarios
• Over a dozen types of ships, subs, and airships
• Over 20 unique crew members whose special abilities enhance gameplay

The game technically doesn’t come from “Bungie” as we know it, but from Bungie Aerospace (as well as from Jordan Weisman, creator of MecWarrior, Crimson Skies and Shadowrun), which is a new entity created by Bungie for the purposes of publishing their games (whereas Bungie proper are developers). Since breaking recently with Microsoft after ten long years, Bungie has been adamant about publishing new games on what they say will be “all” the platforms. At first, when hearing that, I thought it was a myopic reference to plans for publication on the PS3 as well as the Xbox (which is where Microsoft kept them during their partnership), but with the appearance of this neat-o game on the iPad, I am now starting to wonder if they really did mean “all”.

Source: TUAW

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