Back to the Future Games For iPad Available On The Cheap


We all love the Back to the Future movies. Well, we at least love the first Back to the Future movie. The other two are okay, I guess. In any case, the setting is great, and the characters are beloved. Telltale Games, the creative dev studio behind the Sam & Max and Monkey Island reboots, was given a chance a while back to work their magic on the BttF franchise. A BttF game was released on consoles and desktops, and it was well received. Since then, Telltale found religion in the tablet game, and has released all five episodes of Back to the Future on iOS — specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad.

Episode one is available free of charge, and so you’ll get to explore the setting, and hear the great voice acting. The first hit is free, you see. Episodes two through five are $2.99 USD a pop, and so that means the whole episodic series is available for $11.96 USD. That’s a pretty good deal considering the quality of the game and the cachet of the franchise. Give it a go, and make sure you leave a comment if you enjoy what you find. We love turning you onto great games.

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