Angry Birds Seasons Updated With 30 New ‘Piglantis’ Levels

Angry Birds Seasons, a popular spinoff of Angry Birds, receives a major update every season, hence the name. These updates usually represent the season it’s updated in or a major holiday that occurs in the season. In the past we’ve seen updates for Christmas, Chinese New Year as well as other events.

For the Summer 2012 update, Angry Birds Seasons was updated with thirty new levels under the name ‘Piglantis’. These levels are supposed to be based around ‘Atlantis’, which adds a cool, underwater aspect to the game. Flinging birds underwater works a little differently than the standard Angry Birds, so beware when first playing! While this update looks like a neat addition to Angry Birds Seasons, I’m not sure how it’s related to the summer season.

Personally, I’m excited for this update as Angry Birds Seasons is one of my favorite games for iOS. If you would like to purchase Angry Birds Seasons for yourself, check out our full review and then click the link below this post to be taken to the App Store where you can purchase this app.

Source: Rovio Mobile via T3
Image Credit: GollyGforce (swamped season at work)

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