The Wooden Elago W Stand Looks Great With Both The iPhone And iPad, And It’s Only $10 Bones

We love minimal stuff around these parts. The Elago W Stand, made of Walnut, works with both the iPad mini and the iPhone 5 (S).

The best thing about this stand — in addition to its gorgeous wooden look — is the price. The stand is on sale for $10.00 over on Amazon. The Elago W stand also lets you keep a thin shell on your iPhone or iPad Mini.


The downside? The stand doesn’t have a hole for a charging plug. You should probably know that before you impulse buy it on Amazon.

Sure, it’s a routed out piece of Walnut, but at $10.00 you can save yourself the time and energy and order it for your desk. I did.

Buy the Elago W Stand on Amazon for $10.00. Heck, buy two.

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