The Range Messenger Gives You Easy Access To Your Gadgets And Bike Lock

If you’re an avid cyclist, chances are you carry a U-lock to keep your bicycle secure when running into the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop. While U-locks do a nice job of protecting your bicycle, they can be pretty heavy and can be awkward to carry on a U-lock holder that attaches to your bike frame. However, the folks at Incase have developed a new messenger bag that can not only hold your gadgets, but your U-lock as well.

The Range Messenger by Incase is a weatherproof messenger bag designed for cycling. It’s made with a twill material and is coated with a tarp liner that ensures your MacBook and iPad will stay free from water when you have to make your commute home in the rain. The bag’s strap is padded and has a stabilizer to keep your bag centered on your back.

As far as pockets go, the Range Messenger has an external pocket that’s used for storing and carrying U-locks. This gives you easy access to your lock and lets you carry it without having to strap it to your belt. Internally, the bag has a padded, zipper pocket that can store up to a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The bag also has a large center compartment and two smaller pockets that allow you to store your iPad and other essentials.

Beyond the U-lock holder, the Range Messenger has a few other perks for cyclists as well. The bag is highly reflective, allowing motorists on the road to easily see you in the dark. The bag also has a clip that can be used to hold bike lights.

If you’d like to purchase a Range Messenger for yourself, you’ll have to drop roughly $120 for one via Incase also makes a Range Messenger for the 13-inch MacBook Pro that retails for $90. The bag is available in both green and black.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.