Show Off Your Emoji Pride With These Stickers

If you love the Emoji keyboard on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, you’re bound to love this new set of Emoji stickers. That’s right, the folks at Fancy have printed multiple sets of Emoji sticker packs that are now available for purchase. The company has made seven different sticker packs available for purchase. These packs include Piles of Poo, Cats, and Hand Gestures amongst others.

The Emoji keyboard is an international iOS keyboard that is made up of enhanced emoticons. You can use these emoticons in messages, emails, tweets or any other form of text that you desire. The Emoji keyboard is preinstalled on all iOS 5 and 6 devices as well as Macs running OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion. If you’re an Android user, you can use third-party apps to send and view emoticons.

If you’d like to purchase a pack or two of Em2oji stickers, you’ll have to drop a pretty penny. A pack of 10 stickers will run you a whopping $15, that equals out to about $1.40 per sticker. Personally, I think these stickers are a bit overpriced, but if you’re determined to decorate your MacBook with piles of poop, it might be worth it.

Image Source: Fancy


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