Scosche Keeps Your iPhone In Place With The MagicMount

Though I’ve always loved the idea of an iPhone mount, the fact that most of them require me to slide my phone into cradle annoys me. Apparently this annoyed the folks at Scosche as well, so they created a new product series called the MagicMount: a series of magnetic smartphone mounts. These mounts include an adhesive strip that mounts to the back of your iPhone or other smartphone. After you’ve installed this strip, you can mount your iPhone to a MagicMount by placing your phone in front of the magnetic part of the mount.


The MagicMount is available in three different variants: the Surface, Window, and the standard Mount. The Surface is the most barebones of the three as it sits flat on whatever surface you attach it to, making it ideal for use on walls. The Mount is essentially the same thing as the Surface, but with a bit of tilt to it. This makes it ideal for use on a desk or other flat surfaces where you’d like to angle your phone towards you. Finally, the Window mount is used to mount to your smartphone to your car’s windshield for easy access to GPS apps.


Any of the three MagicMount mounts can be purchased now on Scosehe’s website.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.