Polaroid Wants To Cash In On Instagram’s Popularity With Its Socialmatic Camera

Instagram recently surpassed 300 million users. With that kind of popularity, it’s not unreasonably to expect other companies to try and take advantage with products of their own built for Instagram. With that in mind, the Polaroid Socialmatic kind of makes sense.

This new camera from the legendary photography company is designed with sharing in mind: It works with popular social networks, and lets you upload photos to sites like Instagram, Facebook, and other sites directly from the camera using its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.



The camera actually comes with two cameras—a 14-megapixel on one side for typical photos and a 2-megapixel camera on the other for selflies—and you control the thing using a 4.5-inch touchscreen on the back.

As an added bonus, the Socialmatic includes a Zink (zero-ink) printer that can spit out 2-by-3-inch printouts of your photos.

It’s hard to say how popular the Socialmatic will be given your smartphone can already do everything the Socialmatic can aside from the photo-printing feature. Still, it looks like a fun gadget if you want a little retro flair for your camera.

The Socialmatic will be available on January 1, and cost $300.

Photo: Polaroid

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