Strum Out Some Tunes Without Pissing Off Your Neighbors With The Pocket POD

If you’ve ever felt the need put together a 3AM jam session, but didn’t want to get evicted from your apartment for a noise violation, the Pocket POD by Line 6 is a device worth considering. This pocket guitar amp lets you to play your electric guitar through headphones, and has 300+ amp presets, 16 effects, 32 amp models, and 16 cab models to give you full control over that sound you’re looking for as an artist.

The Pocket POD can also plug into your computer so you can try your hand at self recording and publishing. On top of this, the Pocket POD can also be programmed using the included Vyzex software to create custom tones and manage tone libraries.

You can purchase your Pocket POD here for $129.99 on Amazon.

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