This Pencil Is Paper’s Perfect Companion

If you’re an avid iPad artist, chances are you’ve heard of FiftyThree’s Paper app. Paper is one of the most well known drawing apps on the App Store, and is packed with different drawing tools and colors that make it easy to draw prototypes of apps or sketch the Mona Lisa.

However, drawing on the app is a huge pain without a nice stylus. In fact, the developers at FiftyThree recognized this and launched the Pencil, a stylus for iPad that is made specifically for Paper.

The Pencil is crafted out of real wood with a Walnut finish and is magnetized so it can attach to your Smart Cover when in transit. The pencil itself is shaped like a carpenter pencil, making for a thin, yet still comfortable design that looks pretty damn cool at the same time.


Additionally, the pencil features Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity. When connected to your iPad, the Pencil can be used as an eraser when flipped to the eraser side, saving you a tap on the eraser tool.

You can purchase your Pencil here for $75. If you prefer the metal look, you can purchase the Pencil in Graphite for $60.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.