OtterBox Ups The Gaudiness, Introduces 3D iPhone Cases

OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox has introduced a 3D version of its Commuter Series case. The new version of the Commuter gives the case a bit of cheesy flare by offering three different 3D designs on the back of the case: the Skull, the Tropical and the Western Flower.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of OtterBox’s new designs as they look a bit gaudy and overstated. Each of the three new designs is offered in a different color: Ninja (green), Sea Foam (teal), and Bloom (pink). These colors are a bit flashy for my taste, but it’s nice to see OtterBox try something new.

The OtterBox Commuter Series case is one of OtterBox’s mid-range cases for the iPhone 5. This case features the slim form factor of the OtterBox Reflex case while bringing extra protection over from the Defender series case. The Commuter series case features a two-piece design with an inner layer of silicone and an outer shell crafted from a high quality plastic.

If you’d like to purchase an OtterBox Commuter Series 3D case for yourself, expect to drop $44.95 for the case on Otterbox’s website. If you prefer a less gaudy and more subtle look, the original Commuter Series case is available for $23 via

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