Keep Your Lightning Cables Tidy With The Wrap

I love Apple’s USB power adapters, but unlike the MagSafe power adapter, it doesn’t offer any way to store your USB cable neatly. Sure, you can separately tie the cable with a rubber-band, but that can be inconvenient. ‘The Wrap,’ a cable management device that attaches to your Apple USB power adapter is looking to change that.

The Wrap is made out of a silicone-like material and is crafted to attach to the back of your USB charger. Once attached, simply wrap your Lightning or 30-pin cable around the charger and slip the Lightning end through the nubs on the top of The Wrap. When The Wrap isn’t in use, your cable can stay connected to your charger as The Wrap has a cutout for your charger’s USB port.

If you’d like to purchase a Wrap for yourself, expect to pay $10 for one via Michiel Cornelissen’s Shapeways store. The cable management device is available in both black and white as well as any of the limited edition colors that the store is currently offering. Each adapter is individually 3D printed before shipment. As of now, this adapter will only work with the American and Canadian version of the Apple adapter. However, a separate Wrap has been created for the European adapter.

Image Source: Michiel Cornelissen (Shapeways)

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