Keep Track Of Your Stuff With TrackR

Find My iPhone is an awesome iCloud service because it lets us keep track of our Macs and iOS devices when on-the-go. However, what if your bike, keychain, or messenger bag had the same functionality, allowing them to be tracked via your iPhone? Well, with the TrackR, all of these things can be found quite easily.

The TrackR is a low-priced GPS tracker that will notify your iPhone when you step out-of-range of the item you’ve put a TrackR device on. Additionally, if you step out of range of your iPhone, your TrackR will start beeping, preventing you from losing your valuables in the first place.

If your TrackR-enabled item goes missing and you don’t hear the beep, all other devices running the TrackR app will lookout for the missing item using low-powered Bluetooth. When someone with the TrackR app is in range of your item, you’ll receive a notification of your item’s most recent location. Additionally, the GPS location of where you forgot item will be recorded.


The TrackR device itself is about the size of a quarter. You can attach it to your keychain or to any other device using the double-sided tape included with purchase. For instance, you can mount a TrackR to the underside of your bike’s saddle or to the side of your luggage.

Purchase a TrackR here for $25.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.