Give Your 30-Pin Speaker New Life With The Auris Bluetooth Receiver

If you’re a long time iPod and iPhone user, you probably have an old speaker dock laying around from the pre-iPhone 5 days. While you could use your iPhone 5 with your old dock using a 30-pin to Lightning adapter, having unnecessary cables running around your desk, nightstand or bookshelf can be annoying. However, if you don’t mind losing out on the charging functionality of your dock, you can add the Auris to your dock.

The Auris is Bluetooth receiver for all 30-pin and 3.5mm audio jack speakers. The device itself features Bluetooth capabilities that let you wirelessly stream music from your iPhone using AirPlay. The device can also be used with Android, Windows Phone, and other Bluetooth 4.0 enabled portable devices. The Auris can remember 8 devices at once and has a range of approximately 33-feet.

The device itself is pretty small and looks to be roughly the size of a 6th-generation iPod Nano. Once connected, just tap the power button, pair your device, and start jammin’ to your favorite tunes wirelessly.

The Auris is a former Kickstarter project that raised just under $132,000 with over 2,900 backers. You can purchase an Auris right now for $49.99 via It’s available in both black and white, so it’s sure to match your speaker dock and iOS device color. If you’d like to order two Auris Bluetooth Receivers, the company is running a deal that gives you two adapters for $89.98.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.