Combine Tablet And Paper With The Booqpad Mini For iPad Mini

When it comes to jotting down notes, I’m often stuck between the good ole’ pen-and-paper and my trusty iPad mini. Because of this, I often find myself flip-flopping between the two. So to aid in my indecisiveness, I keep my iPad mini in a Booqpad mini case at all times.

From the outside, this case looks like any other leather folio case for iPad mini, but on the inside, the case is very unique. The case has a built-in notepad for jotting down of quick notes, doodles, and sketches.

The notepad is replaceable as well, so you can refill it whenever you run out of fresh pages. Finally, the case also has a built-in pen holder and business card slot.

You can purchase your Booqpad mini in either gray or black for $38 and $34 respectively.

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Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.