CES 2015: Bonaverde’s RFID-Equipped Coffee Machine Gives You A Super Fresh Cup

Bonaverde, a coffee start-up out of Berlin, gave me a look at its new coffee machine at CES 2015. This machine roasts, grinds, and brews coffee in one shot, giving you a super fresh cup of coffee every time. To use the machine, take green, un-roasted coffee purchased from Boaverde, place it in the roasting chamber on the top of the device, and scan the included RFID tag. The machine will automatically roast, grind, and brew you coffee using a “rain shower” (drip) brewing method. (Unfortunately, the device does not let the roasted beans sit for 24-48 hours after roasting, which could cause some flavor loss.)

When roasting, the device’s air filter ensures that smoke and oils will not be released into your apartment or house, saving you an unwanted visit from the fire department.

BONAVERDE Kaffeemaschine 1

When purchasing green coffee from Bonaverde, you’ll also receive an RFID tag. Swipe the tag on the front of the coffee machine before roasting, and your machine will receive information on how to roast your beans. This is nice for casual coffee drinkers, but coffee enthusiasts will be disappointed by the lack of customization and the fact that you must purchase all coffee direct from Bonaverde.


Bondaverde’s coffee marketplace partners directly with coffee farmers around the world, though, so you’ll know exactly where your coffee is coming from. This also means that coffee farmers receive significantly more profit than they would if a large-scale roaster purchased their beans.

The Bonaverde machine will ship this summer and can be pre-ordered now for €399 (about $476 US as of this writing).

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.