Spy On Your Friend’s Rdio Stream With Eavesdrop

It just got a whole lot easier to spy on your friend’s music stream. You could always see what people were listening to from within Rdio, but with Eavesdrop you can actually tune in and listen to what they’re listening to on the fly, while they’re actually listening to music.

Listeners beware. Some of your friends actually have really, really crappy music tastes. Others, well, they’re your friends for a reason.

All you have to do, outside of having an Rdio account, is sign into your account through the Eavesdrop website, and then click on the friend that you want to spy on. The site will then stream what they’re listening to on your computer.

Sometimes you don’t want to know what your friends are listening to at a particular moment.

It’s pretty fun, and worth checking out since it’s free.  Be warned, it seems like an early beta and can be a bit buggy.

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