WWDC 2012 Sessions Available For Download To Registered Developers


Good news to all iOS and OS X developers! Apple has officially posted the videos from this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. If you’re paid up for your iOS or OS X developer account, you can stream or download any of the sessions. You can even download and keep them organized right from iTunes. Keep in mind, anything not already publicly acknowledged by Apple is still under NDA, so don’t go around discussing the content.

If you’re not a registered developer, you can sign up for either an iOS developer account or an OS X developer account to watch all of the videos. They’re $99 USD a pop, though, so that might be a little too steep for some. If you’re not looking to understand specific OS features in depth, don’t worry about watching them. They’re pretty dorky, and each session only applies to a subset of the developers, really. If you just want the glitz and glamor, stick with watching the Timnote. (That’s what we’re calling them now that Steve’s gone, right? Timnote? Cooknote? I’m thinking Timnote works the best.)

Image Credit: Apple

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