Let the world know you create with Apple with official web badges

Admit it, we all love proclaiming we’re Apple fans, but have you ever considered how much of a common trait that is? The need to share is a huge part of the web today, and Apple is keen to placate that desire by providing convenient digital bumper stickers. They’re essentially an official stamp of approval for creative types who use Apple’s products.

The web badges help spread Apple’s proficiency for design work while at the same time showing a love for the brand. Obviously users are free to plaster their websites with as many badges as they want, granted they follow the usual strict guidelines.

The main requirement is that the content has been created with Apple’s hardware. Each badge needs to have clear space on every side equal to 0.5 times its size, and there’s no editing the badges into existing logos or graphics (i.e. brand destruction).

Furthermore, to avoid the matter of accidentally pretending you’re an official Apple website, the logos have to be virtually hidden to ensure there is no branding confusion. Sorry, but there’s no chance of gigantic Apple logos welcoming visitors to your work.

Whether or not the company would come chasing if there’s misuse is another matter – the guideline enforcement is a questionable use of time, no matter how precious the brand identity may be.

With a mix of QuickTime, Mac, Darwin and Mac OS X Server Badges available, there’s sure to be one available for your digital boasting.

Photo Credit: Black Wallpaper

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