Video: Side-By-Side Speed Comparison Between The iPhone 4S And iPhone 5

We know that the iPhone 5 is substantially quicker than the iPhone 4S when it comes to load times and performance. Strictly based on the components alone, the iPhone 5 with its A6 chipset is substantially quicker than its predecessor. Thing is, numbers are all fine and dandy, but putting performance into perspective is a lot more difficult to do when just looking at specifications and numbers.

In the video above you’ll see just how much quicker than the iPhone 5 is than the iPhone 4S. Coming from an iPhone 4S, I often tell people that I haven’t noticed much of a performance boost. That’s mostly because I never really noticed the iPhone 4S being all that slow while running iOS 6 and the beta releases. Watching this video sure changes my opinion, though. The iPhone 5 clearly destroys the iPhone 4S in speed tests.

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