Using iTunes Accounts To Guess At iOS Device Sales


Horace Dediu over at Asymco did some math about the reported number of registered iTunes accounts and the number of iOS devices sold. A chart showing the growth of iTunes accounts is available here, and a chart showing a correlation of devices sold and iTunes accounts registered is available here.

Interestingly, when Horace takes that data and projects it forward, we could see iTunes accounts and devices sold reach a billion at roughly the same time. The tail end of 2014 to the start of 2015 is the time frame that one billion devices would be sold if the rate stays steady. Obviously this prediction isn’t guaranteed, but it does seem fairly solid when you look at how much Apple devices and services have grown in the last decade.

It’s great to see that Apple continues to do well, and these stats and predictions certainly make AAPL stock seem even more appealing than it already is. If I had the money to spare (and wasn’t writing in the tech industry), these numbers would make me want to double down on Apple. Yeah, more competition is always on the way, but Apple, with the skills of Tim Cook, has been so aggressive worldwide. The potential market for Apple devices is massive, and it looks like we’re not even close to finished.

Source: Horace Dediu
Image Credit: David Trawin

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