Urbanears Plattan headphones offer great sound in a stylish package

Over the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to review Plattan headphones from Urbanears, and I’ve come to a final conclusion on them fairly quickly. That said, I’m more than thrilled to tell you about my experience with them, and the Plattan and I now have a newfound love for one another.


Style is definitely not something that any audiophile should look for when purchasing headphones, but to say these headphones are the most stylish pair I’ve ever seen would be an incredible under statement. Even the box they come in looks great, having a nice matte colored packaging. Of course, inside are the real goodies, including:

  • Seasonal Manual Booklet
  • Urbanears Logo Sticker
  • Neutral Stereo Plug
  • Headphones

The way these things are given to you is no less than gorgeous. It’s as if they had contacted high fashion officials and had them give a hand in what they think premium headphone packaging should look like.

The headphones themselves are gorgeous as well. The first thing I noticed was their fabric cording and matte overtones. A great thing about these headphones is that under the right headphone, there is a port that allows another person to plug their headphones directly into yours so that they can listen to whatever you’re listening to. No more having to take your set off so someone else can understand the greatness of your music library. The feel you get off these headphones is that you can walk down the street, have these blasting and not have a care in the world from the style to the sound.

A few quick design aspects include the collapsibility of these headphones. The headphones themselves fold upwards into the band so you can tote them in a bag, throw them in your backpack or simply carrying them around at your leisure. Another amazingly great thing is the remote. As an iPhone user, this is a great and much needed thing in all pairs of headphones. Just like the official Apple pair of headphones, these have a play, pause, forward, and previous function all built into one button. One press for play/pause, two for forward, three for previous. The Plattan Plus edition, only sold at Apple Stores, also features volume buttons.

Sound and Quality

The sound of these headphones is absolutely stunning, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, and any other overused cliche phrase I can find. I had recently purchased a pair of $200 headphones, which will go unnamed, but these put those to rest. These headphones are noise canceling, which is great for anyone working in a place where they just need to throw on some music and escape the sounds of life for a few moments. Aside from in-ear headphones that are also noise canceling, these also make it so that you can’t even hear yourself breathing, eating, or anything of the like. It’s amazing how it simply makes it feel like nothing around you is speaking or making a noise.

I’ve heard from friends that these headphones have their highs and lows when talking about bass, but I can honestly say from first-hand experience that I’ve not dealt with one issue with these headphones at all. I don’t find them to be too deep in the bass, or barely scratching it — I find they sound perfectly fine.


These headphones feel like litte pillows and clouds dancing on my ears to Salsa music on a nice chill day in San Francisco. To explain, I’m simply saying these are the most comfortable things that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

What’s Macgasmic?

The whole package here is incredible. You get a pair of elegantly created headphones, wonderful packaging, magnificent artwork inside of a manual, creative design and overall, great sound. There are things that Urbanears has successfully done with these headphones that I have never seen any other company even attempt to do. From the collapsibility to the extra headphone jack, these headphones have gone above and beyond anything I could’ve dreamt of.

What’s Not?

As you can probably tell from this review, I’m loving these headphones a whole lot. There’s not anything I would change with the product I bought — not a thing. The only thing I find strange is that they separate the headphones from Plattans to Plattan Pluses, which feature volume buttons as well. The smartphone market is dominated by iPhone users who find volume adjustment pretty much a necessity so they can make the choice to not only pause but also lower the volume to listen to the outside world.

Final Thought

In the end, the Plattans are a pair of headphones that I would recommend to anyone. For the price, I would recommend them, as well as for the comfort, the sound, the quality of design, and for pretty much everything. These are headphones that I’ve not once wanted to pass on or say that I have better ones. The Plattans are a great pair of headphones, and I can use them at any moment; a lovely thing to say. You can pick up a pair for yourself at the Urbanears Store for about $60USD or $75USD with shipping, and if I do say so myself, I wouldn’t pass on this.

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