Top Macgasmic posts of the week: May 30th Edition

As we close out the week of May 30th it is obvious you all are as excited as we are about tomorrow’s WWDC 2011 Keynote. Wayne spent some time pondering Apple’s big picture with all their current and future technologies. He also brought us a post on the possibility of Apple announcing a Back to School promotion at WWDC. Justin had two top posts as well this week with insight on product designer Dieter Rams and FireFox 6 Alpha release. Last we had Joshua showing us an Apple oopsie where they reveal a feature in iTunes that’s not currently available yet. Tomorrow is the big day and rest assured we will be bring you all the news as it’s happening on Monday 10am PDT. Don’t miss a macgasmic minute, follow us now! Thanks again for another great week of comments and love.

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