Tomorrow is World IPv6 Day, and Apple is here to help make sure you are prepared for the future

Tomorrow — June 8, 2011 — is World IPv6 Day. (If you aren’t familiar with IPv6, here’s a crash course for you.)

To celebrate the event, several sites, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others, will be tuning on IPv6 features to help solve the issues created by a strain on the current system.

And Apple is here to help.

In a set of knowledge base articles, the company has updated its “IPv6 troubleshooting” knowledge base article. Usually, IPv6 problems surface as slow browsing, not being able to connect to certain sites or slow downloads. Apple’s support document has several helpful steps that can you get ready to go for the next wave of IP addresses.

Not sure if your router is ready to go? Apple has a test page up at If you can browse to that URL, then you should be all set.

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