Rumor: Samsung To Rebrand At CES 2013; Sadly, Apple Already Taken

When you have to pay a billion dollars in reparations to a company because you shamelessly copied its products, it’s probably a great time to think about rebranding yourself. Rumor has it, Samsung’s thinking about rebranding itself at this year’s CES (2013). Sadly, Apple’s already taken. Although, that’s never really stopped them in the past.

According to ChannelNews:

Sources in Asia have told me the Company has engaged a design team who have been involved in brand development for Nike and that the new look is designed to presentSamsung with a more vibrant International brand image alongside the likes of arch rival Apple …

We should probably point out that the website, linked above, has whitewashed its post and removed references to  Samsung’s rebranding. The link is cached from Google. You can see the original here.

At this point, we’re expecting a large Korean Asian Pear with a bite out of it as its logo. You heard it here first.

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