Rumor: Next Mac Pro revision will bring smaller, rack-mountable cases and more

There is a new rumor floating around that the next Mac Pro may be getting a facelift.

The guys over at 9 to 5 Mac are claiming that Apple “is toying with a re-designed version of the product.”

The claim includes a tidbit about Apple shrinking the Mac Pro’s case — basically unchanged since the PowerMac G5 debuted almost eight years ago — to make it easier to fit into a server rack. The magic number, according to the site, is 3U wide. The current Mac Pro can be fit into a rack, but it is far from a decent replacement for the Xserve, which was discontinued in January of this year.

Additionally, the new Mac Pros will supposedly be able to hold more hard drives, thanks to a “stacking” system, similar to what used to ship in PowerMac G3s and G4s.

While 9 to 5’s sources seem vague at best, I would love to see the Pro re-made into something that could pack more of a punch in a server room. The current lack of a rack-mountable server solution from Apple leaves many IT professionals (including me) concerned about the future of Apple hardware and software in the enterprise. I’d love to have my fears eased, even if just by a few inches.

Article Via TUAW

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