New report claims iPad 2 shortage tied to LG display panels

The iPad 2 is still in relative short supply, and while the tablet is easier to find than it was, there is a new report that may explain the shortages.

According to DigiTimes, the issue is related to light leakage problems with the LG panels, of which only 3.2 million were shipped. Samsung shipped four million panels for the iPad 2, and isn’t having the problems LG is, according to the report.

Reports of light leakage surfaced on Apple’s discussion boards. Forum member NiqueXyZ posted this photo, clearly showing the problem:

While the issue doesn’t seem widespread, the above photo — and others online — show that it is an issue, at least for some users. Hopefully LG can get things sorted out. While it’s hard to draw a line from this issue straight to iPad 2 shortages, more displays in the channel won’t hurt things.

Article Via SlashGear

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