Recommended Read: When will we see AirDrop for iOS?


The inception of the new AirDrop feature in OS X Lion that allows one to easily and quickly share files with another Mac that is simply in the near vicinity caused the great thinkers over at AppleBitch to wonder if, and when, an AirDrop app would make its way to iOS:

Now that Apple has released OS X 10.7 Lion to the public, one of the most important questions for users with multiple Apple devices has to be; will Apple release an AirDrop app for iOS 5? AirDrop itself is an incredibly user friendly and simply way to move files between two compatible Macs running the Lion operating system. Users simply have to drag and drop files from one Mac to another and don’t even have to be operating on the same wireless network. It’s like Bluetooth file sharing but better. Could this be migrated on to iOS 5?

While AirDrop does have its issues, I do agree that having some form of AirDrop on an iOS device would certainly be nice. In terms of it making its way into iOS 5 however — not as likely. But then again, who really knows other than the Apple Giants hard at work in Cupertino?

On the other hand, being able to use AirDrop unrestricted on an iPhone just as you would on a Mac poses a number of questions. For one, would you be able to easily transfer music from one iPhone to another? Better yet, would you be able to transfer music at all? That just doesn’t seem like something Apple would be too keen on. Would you then have to register the devices that you can transfer your files to? I’m just not sure. While the idea to have AirDrop sounds nice conceptually, I am super curious to see just how Apple would implement it.

Finally, if it does work phone to phone at all, you can pretty much kiss Bump goodbye.

While this whole idea of an AirDrop app on iOS makes über sense to me, there is not much more we can speculate about right now other than us all agreeing that the idea certainly has a nice intriguing ring to it.

Source: AppleBitch

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