NYC might be getting its 7th Apple Store

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Lucky so-and-sos! Clare Trapasso of the New York Daily News is reporting that a retail developer in Queens is attempting to convince Apple to build a new retail store. With five retail locations in Manhattan and one in Staten Island, a new location in Queens would make a total of seven stores in the city that never sleeps.

“I will do anything I can to bring Apple in,” [the chairman of the development group] said. “Queens has to have an Apple store.” Apple spokeswoman Michaela Wilkinson said the company has “made no announcements” on new stores outside Manhattan. But [he] said a broker for Apple reached out to him several months ago to discuss potential store locations in Forest Hills.

Of course, New York City’s enormous population explains the number of Apple stores, but it does look silly on the surface to have so many retail locations in such close proximity. Some poor souls don’t even live in driving distance of an Apple Store. Think of those poor schlubs UPSing their broken iPhones to Apple instead of getting prompt service at a Genius Bar. When it rains, it pours. Enjoy yourself New York. Just know not all Apple dorks have it as good as you.

Source: New York Daily News
Image Credit: Incase

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